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WaaSoft is a collection and management software shops which runs on Android.

Caisse Android WaaSoft software


WaaSoft is a very intuitive software for cash and that the particularity to have developed Android


The advantage: much more economical than a software solution standard box! 

Be it at the level of the material and the cost of the solution

And above all, no additional modules to pay after the fact!

You on the full package and enjoy last days and developments for free car This fund softwareUnlike many software cheap NET, is an evolutionary body!


It is a software shops as well suited for restaurants, bars, snacks, cafés, bakeries, glaciers, pizzerias, stores all kinds... but also to the liberal professions, beautician, hairdresser at home, masseuse...


With a little practice and creativity, the possibilities are endless.



The best:

Try it now for free with the 15 day free trial!


To do this, click on the following link (by clicking on the logo WaaSoft) to open your management space and create your login:

You can then immediately connect to your space management Once your identifiers created and begin to prepare your cash via a very intuitive and playful Setup Wizard.

Then download and install the WaaSoft application by clicking HERE  directly from Android (smartphone, Tablet...) device. Click on the freshly installed application and fill in your login previously created WaaSoft. 

If your Android device is connected to internet synchronization will take place automatically and you will then have access to your new caisse! 



We will then send you an access to a complete library of small tutorials simple to help you refine your setting. 


Before the end of your trial period you will receive an alert and you will then have the opportunity to purchase the license to continue using it while preserving your data.


Licence is sold with choice, 1 year, 3 years or 5 years back included office hosting.


Once this period includes complete, accommodation costs will be while € 9.90 Excl. VAT per month payable per 12-month period is €118.8 H.T. / year. This amount covering the costs of the host, days and automatic upgrades of your software updates, and the regular backup of your data.


The WaaSoft concept in summary:

-An Android application that serves cash register and that is easily installed on a smartphone, a touch pad or an terminal point of sale Android It is mobile, it is intuitive, it's fast!

-Space management is hosted on a server secure and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection: you have a home PC, a Mac, a tablet... you go to the address with your Web browser and connect to your box remotely.

From there, you can edit your products, your prices, access to your statistics in real time, download your log of sales for your accountant and much more. It's simple, it is secure, it's convenient!


The available functions:

-Possibility of connecting devices (printer ticket, filing drawer, shower...)

-Management of receivables: historical, coordinated...

-Management of remittances and the offered

-Update pending tickets

-User management: ability to limit certain rights (access results, discounts, offered...)

-Customizable receipts (logo, address,...)

-Management of tables / seats

-Management of the formulas / packs / packages

-Management of vouchers of preparations in the kitchen / goods of deliveries

-Management of the guest kitchen (cooking, guidance,...)

-Credential Management (plugs meals, sheets without detail,...)

-Possibility to send your invoices by email

-Management of prepaid cards

-Management of the invoices reversed: cancellation or modification of a ticket


And yet many features to discover!


Le K1 est un tiroir coulissant noir ou blanc, à vous de choisir ! Robuste et connectable, ce tiroir de marque METAPACE a des dimensions tout à fait standard: 410x114x415mm

Tiroir Metapace K1


Ce tiroir fait partie de la gamme des tiroirs caisse ouverture vers l'avant.


Le K1 est un tiroir de marque METAPACE spécialement étudié pour les commerçants.

Disponible au choix en noir ou en blanc, ce tiroir ouverture vers l'avant est connectable à un système de caisse grâce à son câble de liaison avec connecteur RJ12.


Caractéristiques techniques: 


Dimensions (LxHxP): 410x114x415mm


Boite à monnaie, insert:

- 6 compartiments à billets (horizontal)

- 8 compartiments à pièces

- 1 compartiment à chèques

Serrure 3 positions

Connecteur imprimante PDV, RJ12

Alimentation 24V


Référence fabricant : mpk1s - META-k1s ; mpk1w - META-k1w ; mpk1w2 - META-k1ShinyWhite


Data sheet

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The Ecoplus A9DC screen is a Terminal touch all-in-one 15-inch offering the peculiarity of having a system of Android OS. It is manufactured by Poslab and is specifically designed for the world of the point of sale.

A few specifics: Dual core, 8 GB eMMC, 1 GB RAM, Android 4.2 storage

Terminal touch everything in a POSLAB ECOPLUS A9DC (Dual Core)

The terminal touchscreen all-in-one Poslab Android A9DC Ecoplus


Finally a touch Terminal Android worthy of the name on the web!

Waapos team struggled to find this little gem that has nothing envy at all the touch terminals Windows usually found in points of sale. 

The Android technology is booming and we see more and more software sales Android hit the market.

The problem until now was that it was limited to use on Tablet, seductive certe, but not necessarily very suitable in worlds such as restoring or certain types of trade.

Flights, need to put in charge, fragility of the product, very limited connection ports, addicted to wifi... full of small constraints which limited the use.

The arrival of theECOPLUS A9DC Poslab Android is a real boon to the development of the Android solutions.

With its very aggressive price, it helps to have a solution with an affordable budget.

Already installed in many businesses, it never ceases to amaze. 


Its specifications:

-screen resistive touch 15.6 "1366 x 768

-Processor ARM CORTEX A9 Dual Core, 1 GB DDR3 TI,

-storage 8 GB,


-Optional Wifi

-AVAILABLE PORTS: 1 Ethernet, 4 USB 2.0, 3 RS232, 1 RJ11, 1 micro SD, 2 speakers 2W.

Colour black and white

Power supply 24VDC by 220 VAC external enclosure.


Try it!


Reference manufacturer: ECOPLUS A9DC / A9DCW


For your information the Waapos company also offers other products and accessories related to the management of your point of sale:

-      Accessories

-      Customer display 

-      Keyboard 

-      Touch and non-touch screen

-      Point of sale printer

-      Bar code reader

-      Software

-      Electronic banking

-      Hardware Pack point of sale

-      PC point of sale

-      Seller identification system / server

-      Terminal touch all-in-one

-      Cash drawer

-      Consumables


The biggest brands are represented:

Addimat, Aures, Cash bases, Citizen, Colormetrics, Datalogic, DigiPOS, Eaton, Elotouch, Epson, Evolis, Glancetron, Honeywell, Identive NFC, Ingenico, LRS, Metapace, Motorola, Poindus, VariPOS, Poslab, PrehKeyTec, ProMag, Rongta, TVS, Zebra


For more information feel free to contact us on 04 83 43 04 43 or by mail: [email protected]


Data sheet

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