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Hair & Cosmetic POS System


WaaSoft is a collection and management software shops which runs on Android.

EBP retail trade 2016

To manage your convenience store: collection, purchases/inventory, customer loyalty

Pack serenity Android + Waasoft

Unlike the advantage Android pack, this point of sale Pack provides a fixed terminal instead of the tablet. Energize your touch case with this system on Android.

Cash register advantage Pack + EBP

Very competitive price for this tactile box pack including a tactile terminal (POS) WA3510, a printer Metapace T-25, a cash drawer sliding and software certified EBP

Cash register Serenity Pack + EBP

A complete set for the collection: this point of sale Pack contains 1 touch terminal Aures Yuno + 1 printer Aures ODP 333 + 1 cash drawer sliding Aures 3s 333 + EBP software