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CCD Corded Barcode Scanner

Glancetron 2009

The GLANCETRON 2009 is a handshower CCDIt means a spray to contact. This drive bar code a main advantage its price.

Glancetron 2010

The GLANCETRON 2010 is a spray bar codes that can also serve as a detector of counterfeit notes. This barcode reader uses imaging technology.

Shower USB 880 CM

This hand shower USB CM-880 is a player in contact, it means that you need to be glued to the bar code to be able to read it. This bar code reader reads 1 d codes.

Datalogic Touch 65

This hand shower 1 D CCD Datalogic Touch 65 USB is a bar code reader input range but performance so far with a read speed of 256 scans/s