Calling System and Paging System

LRS SP4 call button

Call button vibrant brand SP4 LRS so that the Cook can call the waiter discreetly. This appeal system has as main advantages the discretion and time saving.

Quick charger 5 pagers

Model CH-R9-5 of the brand LRS is a quick charger for 5 call buttons (pagers) maximum.

Quick charger 10 pagers

Model CH-R9-10 of the brand LRS is a quick charger for 10 call buttons (pagers) maximum.

Quick charger 15 pagers

Model CH-R9-15 of the brand LRS is a quick charger for 15 call buttons (pagers) maximum.

Transmitter LRS TX-9560EZ-446

Transmitter kitchen for LRS SP4 call button. This transmitter 

Pack + 4 paging transmitter

Appeal system LRS for kitchen to discreetly call servers. Base with 1 transmitter + 4 Pack servers call buttons. Ideal for servers and clients of restaurants