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POS Touchscreens

Screen touch 15 ''
€345.83 €249.00

This touch screen size 15 '' offers an excellent quality price ratio. Robust, stable and offering excellent brightness, this screen more is available at low cost.

Glancetron 15L

If you are looking for a screen touch cash 15 "not expensive, the model 15L brand Glancetron is for you. This touch screen works with a VGA interface

Elotouch 1509L

Very good value for money for this screen touch 15 ", 16:9, IntelliTouch technology. Particularly high brightness of this screen crate will allow it to be installed outdoors.

Screen touch 17 ''
€360.24 €299.00

The model T7AV1 is a touch screen offering, for an incredibly low price, a value for money outside the norm. Despite a very aggressive price, this Fund screen is still not very stable and very bright.

Elotouch 1002L

The model 1002L is a screen touch 10 " for users with not much space on their cash position. Elotouch provides a capacitive slab in this screen small.

Glancetron GT15 more

This 15 '' touch screen Glancetron GT15 more the advantage to be robust and have a double touch interface: USB and RS232. This screen crate is an excellent quality guaranteed 3 years in premium price!

Glancetron 17L

Glancetron present this screen touch 17 '' GT 17 L with DVI/VGA interface and slab resistive. An excellent quality price ratio for this screen crate robust and reliable.

Glancetron GT17 more

The Glancetron GT17 more is a 17 '' touch screen with dual interface and maximum resolution. This screen crate benefits in addition to a guarantee of 3 years, which is not negligible...

Glancetron 15B

The advantage of this screen touch 15 '' Glancetron 15B is that it can bend up to the horizontal. This Fund screen fits so perfectly on your cash position.

IIYAMA Prolite T1732MSC

This touch screen 17 '' T1732ADHESIVE MSC is the screen you need for the most demanding users: capacitive touchscreen slab projected, screen without edge, IP64...

A recognized brand reference: IIYAMA

Elotouch 1519L

This Screen touch 15 '' 16:9 format and technology IntelliTouch bneficie also 2 speakers built-in. This screen East of brand ELOTOUCH.

Elotouch 1515L

This touch screen 15 '', format 4:3, with technology choice IntelliTouch or Accutouch can be attached to the wall with its VESA attachment. THEscreen crate Elotouch 1515L is a very good compromise.