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Bakery POS System

copy of Support universel tablette
€149.00 Tax incl. - €149.00 Tax excl.
Pack Genius Commerce (matériel de Caisse + logiciel 12mois)
€1,120.00 Tax incl. - €1,120.00 Tax excl.
Front Shop supermarket
€1,450.00 Tax incl. - €1,450.00 Tax excl.

Cash easy and friendly software adapted to the management of a small supermarket food and bio. 

Benefit Pack base Windows
€2,262.00 €2,148.90 Tax incl. - €2,148.90 Tax excl.

This Touch Pack cheap includes a touch Terminal (TPV), printer Metapace T-25 and a sliding drawer.

€41 H.T. of economy and more on already very competitive prices!