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Dallas and Addimat reader

Chip Dallas
€9.99 Tax incl. - €8.32 Tax excl.

The chips dallas magnetic can be set to assign different rights to each user.

Pack of 5 magnetic sticks Addimat
€66.00 Tax incl. - €55.00 Tax excl.

We offer here a set of 5 magnetic sticks for the readers Addimat. They allow to identify the users of your POS system.

Glancetron 1300
€112.80 Tax incl. - €94.00 Tax excl.

This lock Dallas Glancetron 1300 is round and allows to read the magnetic type keys Dallas. It is available in white or black with different interfaces.

Reader Addimat
€118.80 Tax incl. - €99.00 Tax excl.

This Reader Addimat is a magnetic identification lock, available in RS232 or USB and running with a magnetic poles.

Dallas Varipos
€118.80 Tax incl. - €99.00 Tax excl.

This built-in player for chips Dallas and magnetic cards is compatible with the VariPOS and VariPOS S the trademark POINDUS

Dallas TMR-900
€202.80 Tax incl. - €169.00 Tax excl.

The TMR-900 of Gigatek is a chip reader round, magnetic, used to identify a user. Each chip of this seller identification system is parameterized differently.