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Bill Counters

Ratiotec RP50
€4.92 Tax incl. - €4.10 Tax excl.

Felt detector of counterfeit notes by staining

Ratiotec Soldi 120
€29.88 Tax incl. - €24.90 Tax excl.

By UV counterfeit detector

Ratiotec Soldi 185
€46.80 Tax incl. - €39.00 Tax excl.

Detector of counterfeit notes by UV, white light and magnetism

Ratiotec Soldi smart
€96.00 Tax incl. - €80.00 Tax excl.

Small, compact and discreet, the counterfeit detector CASHTESTER CT Smart to fit easily alongside your cash register. This detector will avoid the inconvenience of counterfeits.

Soldi Smart Pro
€106.80 Tax incl. - €89.00 Tax excl.

In the face of the proliferation of counterfeit money, opt for this counterfeit detector Soldi Smart Pro with LCD. The machine is quickly written off given its low price!

Photosmart2 counterfeit detector
€108.00 Tax incl. - €90.00 Tax excl.

With LCD counterfeit detector

Ratiotec Rapidcount V30
€112.80 Tax incl. - €94.00 Tax excl.

This counting tickets Brand V30 Rapidcount is an economic model for customers wishing to count the already sorted

Ratiotec RS1000
€166.80 Tax incl. - €139.00 Tax excl.

The model RS1000 Ratiotec brand is a parts counting and tickets by weighing. Its simple and its adjustable screen make of this coin an indispensable tool for traders.

Ratiotec Rapidcount S60
€346.80 Tax incl. - €289.00 Tax excl.

Banknote counter pre sorted with bundle and authentication function

Ratiotec Rapidcount S85
€585.60 Tax incl. - €488.00 Tax excl.

The Rapidcount S85 is a counting tickets with service bundle. It allows the quick count of large amounts of tickets. Insured time saver!

Ratiotec Rapidcount T275
€898.80 Tax incl. - €749.00 Tax excl.

Counting fast ultra tickets