POS Monitor

IIYAMA Prolite B1780SD
€190.80 Tax incl. - €159.00 Tax excl.

THE17 "non-touch screen IIYAMA Prolite B1780SD is available in white or black

By choosing this screenyou make the choice of a recognized brand reference: IIYAMA

IIYAMA Prolite B1980SD
€202.80 Tax incl. - €169.00 Tax excl.

THEnon-touch screen IIYAMA B1980SD is available in white or black. You do so, with this screen the choice of a recognized brand: IIYAMA

Glancetron 70-ST
€212.40 Tax incl. - €177.00 Tax excl.

This non-touch screen 7 '' Glancetron 70-ST has an adjustable column. It is mainly used as customer display for dynamic communication.

Glancetron 70 - SM
€226.80 Tax incl. - €189.00 Tax excl.

This non-touch screen 7 "is often used as screen advertising in shops. THEscreen Glancetron 70 - SM can be left on foot or mounted on the wall.

Glancetron GT8 - USB
€226.80 Tax incl. - €189.00 Tax excl.

This non-touch screen 8 inch Glancetron GT8-USB is ideal for customers with little space. The GT8 is a screen often associated with the automatic type coin Glory

Glancetron 70 - CT
€238.80 Tax incl. - €199.00 Tax excl.

The Glancetron 70 - CT is a nifty picks up digital currency non-touch screen integrated. This screen allows the presentation of products to the client coming to pay for its purchases.

Screen touch 15 ''
€415.00 €298.80 Tax incl. - €249.00 Tax excl.

This touch screen size 15 '' offers an excellent quality price ratio. Robust, stable and offering excellent brightness, this screen more is available at low cost.

Elotouch 1509L
€357.60 Tax incl. - €298.00 Tax excl.

Very good value for money for this screen touch 15 ", 16:9, IntelliTouch technology. Particularly high brightness of this screen crate will allow it to be installed outdoors.

Glancetron 15L
€418.80 €358.80 Tax incl. - €299.00 Tax excl.

If you are looking for a screen touch cash 15 "not expensive, the model 15L brand Glancetron is for you. This touch screen works with a VGA interface

Elotouch 1002L
€382.80 Tax incl. - €319.00 Tax excl.

The model 1002L is a screen touch 10 " for users with not much space on their cash position. Elotouch provides a capacitive slab in this screen small.

Glancetron GT15 more
€429.60 Tax incl. - €358.00 Tax excl.

This 15 '' touch screen Glancetron GT15 more the advantage to be robust and have a double touch interface: USB and RS232. This screen crate is an excellent quality guaranteed 3 years in premium price!

Glancetron 17L
€430.80 Tax incl. - €359.00 Tax excl.

Glancetron présente cet écran tactile 17" GT 17L avec interface DVI/VGA et dalle résistive. Un excellent rapport qualité prix pour cet écran caisse robuste et fiable.