Barcode Scanners

Metapace S-61

The bar code reader 1 D Metapace S-61 uses laser technology which allows to scan codes from further afield. This hand shower East to USB interface

Glancetron 2009

The GLANCETRON 2009 is a handshower CCDIt means a spray to contact. This drive bar code a main advantage its price.

Glancetron 2010

The GLANCETRON 2010 is a spray bar codes that can also serve as a detector of counterfeit notes. This barcode reader uses imaging technology.

Shower USB 880 CM

This hand shower USB CM-880 is a player in contact, it means that you need to be glued to the bar code to be able to read it. This bar code reader reads 1 d codes.

Honeywell Eclipse 5145

This handshower laser Honeywell Eclipse 5145 is very simple to use as lightweight and easily setup. This bar code reader reads codes up to 15cm of distance. 

Metapace S1

The hand shower S1 of METAPACE is a barcode reader 1 d with a 100 scans/s read speed.

It is available in USB interface.

Datalogic Touch 65

This hand shower 1 D CCD Datalogic Touch 65 USB is a bar code reader input range but performance so far with a read speed of 256 scans/s

Datalogic QuickScan Lite QW2100

Incredible speed of 400 scans/s for this spray bar codes 1 d linear imager Datalogic Quickscan QW2100. Support is more included...


This handshower laser is intended for particularly harsh environments. This barcode reader ZEBRA resistant to falls and sports even 100 scans/s read speed.

Datalogic QuickScan I QD2130

This cheap body spray Datalogic QD2130 is an excellent quality price ratio: this barcode reader has 270 scans/sec read speed! 

Honeywell Hyperion 1300G

The handshower 1300G is an ideal compromise for users having to read all types of barcodes, normal and those high density. This bar code reader East of brand Honeywell

Honeywell travel 1250g

The 1250G is a sure value in the different types of hand showers. This code reader bars brand Honeywell offers 100 scans/s read speed.