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Accessories for payment terminal

copy of Ingenico ICT 220-1
€0.00 Tax incl. - €0.00 Tax excl.

Bank card reader based either on DIALUP (network France telecom) or IP (ADSL box. Requires however in this case there a subscription secure transactions)

Paper EFT 930 drive shaft
€21.60 Tax incl. - €18.00 Tax excl.

Paper for credit card EFT 930 drive drive shaft

Paper IWL 250 drive shaft
€22.80 Tax incl. - €19.00 Tax excl.

Paper for IWL 250 drive shaft

Cover paper EFT 930
€22.80 Tax incl. - €19.00 Tax excl.

Paper (paper cover) cover for SMALL credit card reader INGENICO EFT 930

Kinked caisse Ingenico USB cord
€24.00 Tax incl. - €20.00 Tax excl.

Elbow connection box USB cable. 

Compatible with Ingenico iCT220, iCT250, iWL250, EFTSmart, EFT930

Paper IWL 250 cover
€34.80 Tax incl. - €29.00 Tax excl.

Paper (cover paper) for IWL 250 cover

Battery for TPE EFT 930
€37.20 Tax incl. - €31.00 Tax excl.

Original battery 3.7V, certified INGENICO/SAGEM Li - ion

Battery for TPE IWL250
€43.20 Tax incl. - €36.00 Tax excl.

Original battery 3.6V Li-ion 2.05Ah, certified INGENICO/SAGEM

Protective cover / transport IWL 250
€46.80 Tax incl. - €39.00 Tax excl.

Protect your SMALL credit card reader portable IWL 250 thanks to this protective case with a shoulder strap. It is ideal for all vendors who need to take their player card credit card.

Battery for ScanPal 5100 and Dolphin 6 x 00
€48.00 Tax incl. - €40.00 Tax excl.

This battery alternative is intended to work with the terminals for inventory Dolphin 6 x 00 and ScanPal 5100

More powerful than original with 300mAh battery, 3.7V

Base Ingenico IWL250 G
€106.80 Tax incl. - €89.00 Tax excl.

For CB Ingenico IWL 250 G device charging cradle