Customer Display

Glancetron 8035

The 8035 is a customer display brand GLANCETRON with an adjustable foot for adjusting the height and angle of vision.

Glancetron 8034

The 8034 is a display 2 X 20 characters with USB or RS232 interface. This display brand Glancetron has been studied por provide an excellent view from all angles.

Glancetron 8036

The 8036 is a customer display which allows in addition to scroll a welcome message or advertising message. This display brand GLANCETRON is available in RD232 or USB.

Citizen C2202-PD

The C2202-PD is a customer display 2 X 20 lines of brand Citizen.

Available in black, the interface is RS232 and cable is supplied with this display box.


The VFD mark VARI POINDUS is a customer display specifically designed to be integrated into the models VariPOS and VariPOS S.

This display is compatible Epson.

Sango other display

This customer display 2 lines was specifically developed by AURES to be integrated in the point of sale terminal SANGO.

Aures OCD300 customer display

This superb customer display brand AURES features a compact and contemporary design.

The OCD3000 is in the market with its trend display LED.

Epson DM-D110BB

The DM-D110BB is a customer display 2 x 20 characters that fits directly under the printer.

This display brand EPSON is available in serial RS232 interface.


TORI VFD is a trademark POINDUS client viewer that fits on the terminals ToriPOS and ToriPRO

The display 2 lines of 20 characters is extremely readable.

Aures OCD350 customer cash display

This magnificent display brand AURES features a compact and contemporary design.

The OCD 350 is the trend of the market with its display LED and alu mast.

Star SCD400

The SCD400 is a customer display Deporte 2 X 20 characters.

Brand STAR, this display is available in RS232 interface and black color

Epson DM - D30

DM - D30 is a customer display that connects by USB printer TM - M30. With its contemporary design, This customer display brand EPSON will fit perfectly in your point of sale.