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Professionnels Santé

Ingenico Set 2

The fixed card drive Ingenico Set 2 has 2 slots to receive the vital card and the CPS of the professional card. This fixed drive is approved SESAM-VITALE.


The CONSULTOR PRO + brand INGENICO is a portable card reader. It is ideal in all circumstances, even on the go.

Ingenico Prium-4

Fixed drive vital card trifentes, mark INGENICO replacement of the Prium - 3S

Ingenico Walkman 2

The drive portable health Ingenico Set 2 has 2 slots to receive the vital card and the CPS of the professionnelet card allows visiting the signing of electronic care sheets.

Ingenico ICT 250-2 CAM2

For health professionals,. Ingenico has released the 250-2 ICT. payment credit card terminal fixed, bi-fente, to read vital cards and payment cards.

Ingenico VITAL ACT 3 S

First outpatient reader (TLA) generation Terminal sorting slot fixed and portable, the mobile card reader Ingenico VITAL ACT 3 S part of the fastest readers market.

Ingenico IWL 250 PEM CAM2

THEcredit card machine Ingenico IWL 250 PEM CAM 2 is a health card reader portable. Need rest the appliance on the base to make the telecollectes or for applications for authorisation.

Ingenico VEHIS

This Terminal health portable Ingenico VEHIS is both a vital card reader and a handheld banking terminal. An indispensable tool for travel health professionals.