POS Hardware

Pen calibration
€7.20 Tax incl. - €6.00 Tax excl.

Touch screen calibration stylus

Chip Dallas
€9.99 Tax incl. - €8.32 Tax excl.

The chips dallas magnetic can be set to assign different rights to each user.

VESA bracket fixed
€15.60 Tax incl. - €13.00 Tax excl.

Support VESA fixed screens 

Touch pen Elotouch (IT)
€18.00 Tax incl. - €15.00 Tax excl.

This Stylus for touch screen Elotouch is compatible with Intellitouch or Itouch.

It allows you more precision and do not abiler the touch plate.

Keyboard mouse
€18.00 Tax incl. - €15.00 Tax excl.

All USB keyboard + mouse

Adjustable VESA bracket
€21.60 Tax incl. - €18.00 Tax excl.

Tilt VESA Mount for screens 

Glancetron 8005
€40.80 Tax incl. - €34.00 Tax excl.

You do not have toreceipt printer to connect your cash drawer? Don't panic, this opening drawer module is made to help you. It is he who will send the signal to the drawer.

Identive SCL 3711
€42.00 Tax incl. - €35.00 Tax excl.

The model SCL 3711 is a RFID reader compatible with any technology without contact. This player's brand IDENTIVE reads all NFC Forum type tags.

Tiroir caisse 24V Sale
Drawer EC410
€66.00 €52.80 Tax incl. - €44.00 Tax excl.

The model EC410 is a drawer opening forward Black color.

This cash drawer opens automatically when connected to a crate or a printer.

Metapace K2
€59.88 Tax incl. - €49.90 Tax excl.

K2 is a drawer opening forward available in black or white.

The excellent value for money from this drawer brand METAPACE in fact a relevant choice.

Pack of 5 magnetic sticks Addimat
€66.00 Tax incl. - €55.00 Tax excl.

We offer here a set of 5 magnetic sticks for the readers Addimat. They allow to identify the users of your POS system.

Metapace K4
€66.00 Tax incl. - €55.00 Tax excl.

The Metapace K4 drawer is a drawer opening forward small format. With its format "mini",. This drawer brand METAPACE allows you to very easily integrate it on your work surface.