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The Ecoplus A9DC screen is a  Terminal touch all-in-one  15-inch offering the peculiarity of having a s ystem of Android OS.  It is manufactured by Poslab and is specifically designed for the world of the point of sale. A few specifics: Dual core, 8 GB eMMC, 1 GB RAM, Android 4.2 storage

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Integrated display
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Terminal touch everything in a POSLAB ECOPLUS A9DC (Dual Core)

The terminal touchscreen all-in-one Poslab Android A9DC Ecoplus


Finally a touch Terminal Android worthy of the name on the web!

Waapos team struggled to find this little gem that has nothing envy at all the touch terminals Windows usually found in points of sale. 

The Android technology is booming and we see more and more software sales Android hit the market.

The problem until now was that it was limited to use on Tablet, seductive certe, but not necessarily very suitable in worlds such as restoring or certain types of trade.

Flights, need to put in charge, fragility of the product, very limited connection ports, addicted to wifi... full of small constraints which limited the use.

The arrival of theECOPLUS A9DC Poslab Android is a real boon to the development of the Android solutions.

With its very aggressive price, it helps to have a solution with an affordable budget.

Already installed in many businesses, it never ceases to amaze. 


Its specifications:

-screen resistive touch 15.6 "1366 x 768

-Processor ARM CORTEX A9 Dual Core, 1 GB DDR3 TI,

-storage 8 GB,


-Optional Wifi

-AVAILABLE PORTS: 1 Ethernet, 4 USB 2.0, 3 RS232, 1 RJ11, 1 micro SD, 2 speakers 2W.

Colour black and white

Power supply 24VDC by 220 VAC external enclosure.


Try it!


Reference manufacturer: ECOPLUS A9DC / A9DCW


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