Cash register bakery, pastry

The cash register is an essential tool in the management and accounting of bakery and pastry shops. This may be even more true with the new finance law which already requires the use of a cash register or a software response to the new demands of the tax administration and who must be certified as of 2018. The bakers and pastry chefs must therefore now consider to update itself in order to avoid any surprise or fine the day J.

A cash management solution for keeping the accounts of a bakery or pastry

The use of a cash register bakery is a must. These activities are extremely involved and time-consuming. It is therefore imperative to reduce maximum time for sale and accounting. The Baker and the Baker are free to note their operations by hand. But it seems reasonable to do so with a cash register. The latter allows the deeds of sale and accounting operations. It allows to give the customer a receipt required.

Several choices of registers for optimum management and accounting

This choice is even more appropriate that several opportunities to the Baker or pastry chef. He may decide to manage directly from a smartphone or Tablet by installing on a bakery software. He parameter then its activity as it sees fit by the intermediary of the software box bakery.

The software can also be used online. This solution is particularly suitable in case of mobility of the trade.

Moreover, there are solutions of cash register bakery. It can be sold with a Fund for a bakery management software, useful to manage stocks of goods. Please spend some time to consider all the available cash offer tactile bakery. Indeed, there are solutions specifically planned for bakery and pastry shops. A suitable offer is a guarantee of efficiency. The EBP retail software is a very good example of a solution for bakeries and pastries:

It is also to review cross-cutting offers likely to include foreign management and accounting elements but equally useful. For example, the cash register touch bakery can be equipped with a cash display so that the client can see the amount to be paid or a bit of advertising with a welcome message. The cash register for bakery can also be accompanied by a balance or a electronic payment terminal. There are even the packs or the touchscreen cash register for bakery or the cash register pastry is available with the software:

To sum up, there is a plethoric offer of cash register bakery or bakery besides cash software. It should be recalled that a good choice allows to gain time to focus on the essence of his profession. It also allows to be ready in case of control of tax administration. Furthermore, it is essential to be well informed as the Act makes changes to the year 2018.

The obligation of one register certified to 2018 for bakeries and pastry

In fact, article 88 of the law of finance for 2016 requires the use of a software of cash or a cash register system satisfactory conditions of inalterability, security, conservation and archiving data to the Baker or pastry for control of tax administration, evidenced by a certificate issued by an accredited organization or a certificate of the Publisher when the trader said records regulations of its customers by means of accounting, management or a POS system software.

The purpose of this Act is to combat the VAT fraud which constitutes an annual shortfall of 17 billion euros for the State. Very specifically, it is to prevent traders to develop a means to subtract receipts from their company's accounting. It is also to eliminate the possibility to reconstruct receipts in order to conceal the receipts in case. In other words, the law wants to ban so-called permissive POS systems.

For more information on the issue we have prepared an article on our blog: Cash register recognised by the tax administration. January 2018

The certification of the register or the software for bakery and pastry

There is already a standard NF 525 apply to registers or to fund software that meet the criteria of inalterability, securing and archiving of the data. The bakery or pastry can also turn to a program designed by an editor claiming to have met the criteria. In some cases, it is not even necessary to invest: the software updates to regularize the situation.

Detention software or a system of Fund said permissive, the offender faces a fine of 7500 euros. He then has 60 days to comply.

This law reinforces a legislative arsenal to combat VAT fraud. Indeed, law No. 2013-1117 submits manufacturers and publishers of software for accounting, management or the checkout systems to fines when they sold equipment to remove, modify or alter a record, without preserving the original data. The administrative authorities must have knowledge of the features of the software before its commissioning. If the company violates its obligations, it is likely to go up to 7500 euros fined.

In the end,. bakers and pastry chefs must focus right now on this issue of cash register or certified software. They have until end of 2017 to regularize their situation if this is not yet done. In addition to a machine or certified software, they should, if possible, opt for the most appropriate to their needs, their constraints and their activity. The offer in this area is bloated. It's worth taking the time to choose the most effective solution that will save you time in the future especially as in s - y taking early enough, the choice will be tailored to the budget. We can only advise to not wait until the last moment because as for any change in the laws, the latecomers and the less prepared themselves very often with limited choices and therefore necessarily more expensive!

Cash registers for bakery and pastry at Waapos

All available in our online store registers conform to the latest requirements of the tax administration. Of course, our choice in case software we offer is focused on publishers that can produce a certificate of compliance. Waasoft can follow you after 1 January 2018 in the management of your bakery or pastry.