Health Card Reader

Ingenico Set 2

The fixed card drive Ingenico Set 2 has 2 slots to receive the vital card and the CPS of the professional card. This fixed drive is approved SESAM-VITALE.

Ingenico Prium-4

Fixed drive vital card trifentes, mark INGENICO replacement of the Prium - 3S

Ingenico Walkman 2

The drive portable health Ingenico Set 2 has 2 slots to receive the vital card and the CPS of the professionnelet card allows visiting the signing of electronic care sheets.

Ingenico IWL 250 PEM CAM1

The credit card terminal INGENICO IWL 250 PEM CAM1 Contactless features a large color display. This TPE portable works either on DIALUP, or IP. It benefits of contactless technology.

Ingenico ICT 250-2 CAM2

For health professionals,. Ingenico has released the 250-2 ICT. payment credit card terminal fixed, bi-fente, to read vital cards and payment cards.

Ingenico VITAL ACT 3 S

First outpatient reader (TLA) generation Terminal sorting slot fixed and portable, the mobile card reader Ingenico VITAL ACT 3 S part of the fastest readers market.

Ingenico IWL 250 PEM CAM2

THEcredit card machine Ingenico IWL 250 PEM CAM 2 is a health card reader portable. Need rest the appliance on the base to make the telecollectes or for applications for authorisation.

Ingenico VEHIS

This Terminal health portable Ingenico VEHIS is both a vital card reader and a handheld banking terminal. An indispensable tool for travel health professionals.