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Datalogic GFS4400

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The scanner GFS4400 is the equivalent of the GFS4100 but that can read 2D codes. This barcode reader   DATALOGIC is an excellent compromise between reading performance and reduced stencil.

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DATALOGIC GFS4400 barcode


The GFS4400 is part of the range of the fixed drives.


Readers of the Gryphon™ 4000 is the Premium Line General Purpose of Datalogic ADC. Using advanced imaging technology, reading Gryphon™ module GFS4400 2D OEM is a scanner barcode stand-alone, ideal for integration into kiosks self-service price verifiers, tickets reading, processing documents, follow-up laboratory applications and more, as well as in vending machines and other automated equipment.  


With an excellent read near-field, the fixed drive Gryphon GFS4400 2D OEM keeps the field of vision wide angle, improves the tolerance of the movement and speed of the Gryphon 4400 series. It also offers an excellent performance on poor quality codes / damaged and a 'good read' confirmation that brings the "Green Spot" technology patented by Datalogic.


The body scanner GFS4400 2D OEM guarantees an aggressiveness of reading unsurpassed on the most frequently used 1 d and 2D codes and postal codes, stacked, composite such as PDF417. Ideal for ticketing or mobile marketing applications, this Imager delivers excellent performance for reading on screens of portable devices. It also allows the capture of signatures and documents, thus avoiding to have additional equipment.


Several modes in the reading module Gryphon GFS4400 OEM can be used as a trigger. In the first place, this reader module has the ability to detect objects and trigger automatically. There is also a continuous play mode that transmits data whenever a barcode enters his field of vision. You can also use an external trigger from a PLC or a sensor.


Key points:


    • Viewfinder 4-Points with Central Cross for readings on boards of codes
    • Omnidirectional reading
    • Improved optical - high tolerance to movements
    • Capture images and documents
    • Reading codes up to 4 mil
    • Reading of 1 d, 2D codes, postal, stacked and composite
    • Interfaces: RS-232 or USB
    • 'Green spot' patented good read confirmation Datalogic
    • Good read beep
    • Automatic capture or playback by pressing the trigger
    • Hull supporting products solvents with an extensively drug-resistant resin
    • Degree of Protection against water and dust: IP54


Technical specifications: 


built-in scanner 2D

Technology: linear imager

Interface: RS232 or USB to the choice

Standard: IP54

Included: cable (RS232 or USB),

Color: grey

18 month warranty


Manufacturer reference: GFS4450-9; GFS4470


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