Corded and Cordless Barcode Scanner

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  • Brand: METAPACE
Metapace S-61
€51.00 Tax incl. - €51.00 Tax excl.

The bar code reader 1 D Metapace S-61 uses laser technology which allows to scan codes from further afield. This hand shower East to USB interface

Metapace S1
€69.00 Tax incl. - €69.00 Tax excl.

The hand shower S1 of METAPACE is a barcode reader 1 d with a 100 scans/s read speed.

It is available in USB interface.

Metapace S3
€109.00 Tax incl. - €109.00 Tax excl.

The S3 is a bar code reader who reads codes 1 d with the Imager technology.

This hand shower brand METAPACE is available in USB.

Metapace S-62
€138.00 Tax incl. - €138.00 Tax excl.

The bar code reader S-62, mark METAPACE has the advantage of both read barcode 1 d and 2D for a very attractive price. This hand shower benefits in addition to the IP40 standard.

Metapace S2
€249.00 Tax incl. - €249.00 Tax excl.

The S2 is a handshower wireless Bleutooth. This bar code reader brand METAPACE allows to read codes up to 90 m from the PC.