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Cash bases Cashplus slimline
€313.20 €272.40 Tax incl. - €227.00 Tax excl.

The slimline cashplus is a drawer opening forward  which includes 6 tickets compartments and 8 for parts. This cash drawer brand CASHBASES is very robust steel. 

copy of Cash register Oxhoo Dandy DT190
€1,300.80 €840.00 Tax incl. - €700.00 Tax excl.

The Dandy DT190 is a tactile box with a slab touch capacitive multi touch. Its very sleek design makes this essential touch terminal for businesses 'trends' 

Digi DS781 6/15 kgs 2 / 5g
€342.00 €306.00 Tax incl. - €255.00 Tax excl.

The DS781 is a balance can operate in stand-alone (battery or sector) or connected to a cash register system. DIGI offers, at a very low price, a model of balance compact but very complete.

Tiroir caisse 24V Sale
Drawer EC410
€66.00 €52.80 Tax incl. - €44.00 Tax excl.

The model EC410 is a drawer opening forward Black color.

This cash drawer opens automatically when connected to a crate or a printer.

Elotouch 1215L
€727.66 €647.61 Tax incl. - €539.68 Tax excl.

You can choose your touch screen 12 '' Elotouch 1215L with Intellitouch or Accutouch slab. Elotouch is the world leader of thescreen touch cash.

Evolis RCT014NAA
€68.40 €61.20 Tax incl. - €51.00 Tax excl.


EXA Open scale 20i
€3,826.80 €3,553.20 Tax incl. - €2,961.00 Tax excl.

Open scale 20i of the brand EXA, is a balance touch with printer ticket all in one and ready to use with its vignette of compliance

Glancetron 15L
€418.80 €358.80 Tax incl. - €299.00 Tax excl.

If you are looking for a screen touch cash 15 "not expensive, the model 15L brand Glancetron is for you. This touch screen works with a VGA interface

Honeywell 1900H
€399.00 €337.80 Tax incl. - €281.50 Tax excl.

This handshower Imager for health Honeywell Xenon 1900H incredible reading performance, both on the bar codes on different images to capture.

Pack caisse tactile nomade
€1,063.20 €1,010.04 Tax incl. - €841.70 Tax excl.
Pack caisse tactile tablette
€610.80 €597.60 Tax incl. - €498.00 Tax excl.
pack test 2
€184.80 €177.60 Tax incl. - €148.00 Tax excl.