Cash register, restaurant, café, hotel

As almost all traders subject to VAT, the restaurants, the cafes, the bars and the Hotels are provided with cash registers. As of the January 01, 2018registers non-certified by the tax authority may give rise to fines. If the restaurant owner uses a cash register certified or in line but it didn't have the certificate with him during the check, the fine of €7500 is applied but the user then has 30 days to provide this paper. If it provides, the fine is not due. In all cases the cash register for restaurants turns out to be an essential instrument of a business accounting.

A cash register, restaurant for better accounting

At the time current (end of 2016), the law does not impose the use of restaurant cash register. However, it is strongly recommended to have one, especially when the activity is important, which is the case for the sector of catering, bars and hotels. The Fund restaurant is used to perform the deeds of sale. But it also allows to execute accounting operations. The detention of a cash register for restaurant is guaranteed to be in compliance with its tax obligations.

Restaurant Fund allows the merchant to provide a receipt. It is mandatory for all service delivery beyond 25 euros or when requested by the customer. This document contains a number of legal terms.

Several solutions of cases traders.

Diversity of the cash register for restaurant solutions

Today, there are several ways to cash out its operations according to its needs and its budget. It is not necessary to invest in a cash register for restaurant. You can opt for a lightweight and affordable equipment by installing software of cashing in his tablet or smartphone, regardless of operating system. We have one tactile box restaurant. Collection operations are typed on the touch screen. The software offers all settings to manage the activity. This solution is particularly suitable for small businesses. It is also possible to subscribe to a cash register online from a touchscreen. The categories and products can be created. Tables and notes can be managed directly from the software collection. This remote process can be useful to restore type Food Truck or pizzeria.

Other software solutions of cases are available for management. A cash register software restaurant can be used in the event of more dense activity:

Of course, the merchant can opt for the traditional cash register touch restaurant. It allows to manage both sales and order taking. It can integrate a management software for stocks of goods. This is significant when we want to ensure a fast and adapted to the customers service. Here again, different offers to attend the merchant according to its needs, its means or activity. For example, the tactile caisse restaurant is specially intended for this purpose. So the Fund for restaurant has a management software built for this type of trade. Similarly, a cash register fast food is specifically designed for this type of activity:

At Waapos we offer same packages including other accessories like a balanceone electronic payment terminal, or a cash display so that the client knows the amount to be paid.

In summary, there are several cash register touch for restaurant, fast food cash and cash register bar restaurant. It should be well informed about which is adapted to its business and its needs. Furthermore, it is now necessary to ensure thatit complies with the law on cash registers apply in 2018 which also concerns the restoration.

The obligation to have a cash register certified solution

Indeed, the finance Act for 2016 plans to count the January 1, 2018, traders must use a software or a POS system satisfactory conditions of inalterability, securing and archiving of data for the control of the tax administration, evidenced by a certificate issued by an accredited organization or an individual certificate from the Publisher, according to a model established by the tax administration.

It is with this provision to combat VAT fraud. It is estimated at $ 17 billion per year according to the Ministry of the economy. With this law, merchants, and in this case the bars, the restaurants, and the Hotels must be equipped with a system of cash or a certified software not allowing the concealment of income. For more information on the issue we have prepared an article on our blog: Cash register recognised by the tax administration. January 2018

Conforming cash registers will be penalized by a fine

Businesses now have a little less than two years to come into compliance with the law

You should know that regulation sanctions already funds so-called permissive use. In practice, they subtract from revenue of a business accounting. Fraud is also formed when they are used to reconstruct receipts. It comes then to conceal the receipts in case.

A law of 2013 already punishes manufacturers and publishers of software for accounting, management or the checkout systems selling equipment making it possible deletion, modification or alteration of a record, without preservation of the original data. The company's team of this material that is liable to fines of up to 7500 euros.

The law Fund register restoration 2016 complete this device by making mandatory the use of a cash register system or a software certified satisfactory conditions of inalterability, securing and archiving of the data for the control of the tax administration under penalty of a fine of 7500 euros.

The offender then has 60 days to comply

Traders in the sector of catering, bars and hotels must therefore focus, right now, if this is not already done, on the subject of restaurant cash registers in accordance with. Already, they can choose a touch box for restaurant or software obeying the NF525 standard in force for several years. The latter is based on the unchangeableness, securing and archiving of the data. Otherwise, they can opt for a software that an editor believes meets the requirements of the finance Act for 2016. It is also possible that, in some cases, the merchant is only a simple update of its software to regularize his situation.

Cash registers for restaurants at Waapos

All available in our online store registers conform to the latest requirements of the tax administration. Of course, our choice in case software we offer is focused on publishers that can produce a certificate of compliance. FrontshopEBP or Waasoft can follow you after 1 January 2018 in the management of your restaurant, bar or coffee.