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Accessoires TPE

Ratiotec RP50

Felt detector of counterfeit notes by staining

Paper EFT 930 drive shaft

Paper for credit card EFT 930 drive drive shaft

Cover paper EFT 930

Paper (paper cover) cover for SMALL credit card reader INGENICO EFT 930

Paper IWL 250 drive shaft

Paper for IWL 250 drive shaft

Kinked caisse Ingenico USB cord

Elbow connection box USB cable. 

Compatible with Ingenico iCT220, iCT250, iWL250, EFTSmart, EFT930

Paper IWL 250 cover

Paper (cover paper) for IWL 250 cover

Battery for TPE EFT 930

Original battery 3.7V, certified INGENICO/SAGEM Li - ion

Battery for TPE IWL250

Original battery 3.6V Li-ion 2.05Ah, certified INGENICO/SAGEM

Protective cover / transport IWL 250

Protect your SMALL credit card reader portable IWL 250 thanks to this protective case with a shoulder strap. It is ideal for all vendors who need to take their player card credit card.

Battery for ScanPal 5100 and Dolphin 6 x 00

This battery alternative is intended to work with the terminals for inventory Dolphin 6 x 00 and ScanPal 5100

More powerful than original with 300mAh battery, 3.7V

Base Ingenico IWL250 G

For CB Ingenico IWL 250 G device charging cradle