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Front Shop shoes

Front Shop shoes

Caisse simple, efficient, intuitive and user-friendly software specially developed for shoe stores.  With the most common functions for the management of your point of sale . 

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  • Delivery in 24 / 48h (France) Delivery in 24 / 48h (France)
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  • A question about a product or an order? Customer service is available by phone, livechat, form, email etc. A question about a product or an order? Customer service is available by phone, livechat, form, email etc.

Software Front Shop shoes

Software collection and management Front Shop for shoe stores

Objective: make you save time!

Models are associated with a grid of size to simplify and optimize your inventory management.

The price tags are automatically generated from the purchase receipt. On each price tag can include the picture of the model. 

It is possible to filter articles by period and to establish a list of depreciation through the concept of season. 

Invoices and the usual sizes of clients are visible on each customer card. 


Practice: Ability to list clients d 'a specific size to contact to do the removal. 


Several options for keeping your clients are available.


Chausport, San Marina, Mephisto... have already adopted. 

This collection and management software offers many other functions developed for sale at retail of footwear and accessories:

Database and organization

• Family / subfamily
• Classification by seasons, brands, suppliers, other criteria...
• Multi barcode provider
• Multi-caisses (integrated in the basic version)
• Editing of the articles (with barcodes) labels
• Exports and imports data


• Client management (AC / customer, sales, customer sales, editions multi-criteria history, list of invoices).
• Loyalty, card edition and sale of gift voucher
• shipment of mail and SMS
• Badges and cards client with barcode


• Sales entry
• Touch adjustment 1024 * 768
• Editing on ticket or A4
• Cash receipts / disbursements
• Putting multiple tickets
• Management of payments and discounts


• Analysis of the sales by user, cashier, customer, product, family, brands, suppliers, etc...
• Hit Parade (in quantity, CA HT CA TTC, margin)
• Statistics Annual, monthly, daily, hourly
• Editions tailored per article or per day
• Opportunities for shipments by mail or fax directly


• Multi-store (via internet): it is possible to manage as many stores as you want.

Stock management

• Management of full stock (inventory, receipt of goods, shipping, return providers),

Product options

• Organization colors / sizes or Article


The + of this software:

  •          Easy to use
  •          100% adapted in the middle of the sale at retail of footwear
  •          Many functions
  •          Comply with the new tax law of 06 December 2013


Setting and hotline assistance:

A very complete and well detailed user manual is supplied with software which allows you to configure your cash as you wish and independently.  

If however you wish to support at startup you can subscribe to the remote 2 h training package that is available in the specifications of the software options. You just need to have your point of sale on pre-installed terminal connected to the internet with the Front Shop software and free application Team Viewer (https://www.teamviewer.com/fr/). 

A trainer will then take the hand on your PC via Team Viewer and you create sets the size grids, family and families then the first articles. 


You get also a free phone support over 6 months period.

This assistance is dedicated to issues of a user warned and auto formed. Front Shop is a simple software to use. The goal is that you are able to manage your software as quickly as possible Fund autonomously. 


For your information the Waapos company also offers other products and accessories related to the management of your point of sale:


-      Accessories

-      Customer display 

-      Keyboard 

-      Touch and non-touch screen

-      Point of sale printer

-      Bar code reader

-      Software

-      Electronic banking

-      Hardware Pack point of sale

-      PC point of sale

-      Seller identification system / server

-      Terminal touch all-in-one

-      Cash drawer

-      Consumables


The biggest brands are represented:

Addimat, Aures, Cash bases, Citizen, Colormetrics, Datalogic, DigiPOS, Eaton, Elotouch, Epson, Evolis, Glancetron, Honeywell, Identive NFC, Ingenico, LRS, Metapace, Motorola, Poindus, VariPOS, Poslab, PrehKeyTec, ProMag, Rongta, TVS, Zebra


For more information feel free to contact us on 04 83 43 04 43 or by mail: contact@waapos.com


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