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Terminal d’inventaire

Craddle for Honeywell Scanpal 5100

This reeling well is for the Terminal inventory Honeywell Scanpal 5100 and Dolphin 6 x 00

USB cable (Mini-USB / USB - A) is provided

Cradle for Datalogic Memor X 3

This well, reeling is planned for the Terminal inventory Datalogic Memor X 3 and Memor. USB (Mini-USB) cable is provided!

Honeywell Scanpal 5100

Scanpal 5100 is a Terminal inventory portable. Brand HoneywellWe offer this barcode reader at a price sacrificed.

Motorola MC2180 1 d

The MC2180 is a bar code reader brand MOTOROLA. This Terminal inventory benefits of laser technology and has a 27 keyboard keys.

Zebex Z 2121

This Terminal inventory Mark Z2121 ZEBEX allows reading of bar codes. Its use is very simple, what is pleasant on this model of barcode reader.