Périphériques caisse

Pontet closing Cash Bases 15574

This closing jumper is in fact the small plastic piece that allows the closure of cover on the coin tray CASH BASES.

Pen calibration

Touch screen calibration stylus

Lock drawer METAPACE K1

This lock for drawer METAPACE K1 is supplied with 2 keys.

Lock drawer Metapace K2

This lock for cash drawer Metapace K2 is supplied with 2 keys.

Chip Dallas

The chips dallas magnetic can be set to assign different rights to each user.

Lock drawer EC410

This lock for cash drawer EC410 comes with 2 keys.

Touch pen Elotouch (AT)

Stylus for touchscreen Elotouch (accutouch slabs)

VESA bracket fixed

Support VESA fixed screens 

Keyboard mouse

All USB keyboard + mouse

Touch pen Elotouch (IT)

This Stylus for touch screen Elotouch is compatible with Intellitouch or Itouch.

It allows you more precision and do not abiler the touch plate.

Currency Metapace K3 tray

This coin tray is 100% compatible with the METAPACE K3 drawer. 8 compartments for the pieces, 4 for tickets and 1 specific storage for cheques.

Currency Metapace K2 sandbox

This coin tray is provided for the cash drawer METAPACE K2.

It has 8 compartments for exhibits, 4 for tickets and 1 for checks.