List of products by brand COLORMETRICS


copy of Gryphon I Cradle
€350.00 Tax incl. - €350.00 Tax excl.

This cradle Gryphon I cradle is in fact the docking station Datalogic Gryphon I GM 4100.

This reeling well made also detector of counterfeit notes.

copy of Panasonic JS-790WS
€636.90 Tax incl. - €636.90 Tax excl.

Terminal point of sale touch all-in-one 12 inches of black very compact and cheap. Fits easily on a counter for cashing. 

copy of TPV Tactile Aures Sango
€1,599.00 Tax incl. - €1,599.00 Tax excl.

The Sango of at Aures is a Terminal touchscreen all-in-one 15 "with an original and innovative design. It is available with 4 processor versions and many options.