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Douchette code barre Laser


This handshower laser is intended for particularly harsh environments. This barcode reader ZEBRA resistant to falls and sports even 100 scans/s read speed.

Honeywell travel 1250g

The 1250G is a sure value in the different types of hand showers. This code reader bars brand Honeywell offers 100 scans/s read speed.

Datalogic QuickScan L QD2330

The handshower laser 1 D Datalogic QD2330 is ideal for point of sale or the office. The integration of this bar code reader is easy and the playback speed is perfectly honorable.

Honeywell travel GS9590

The Travel GS9590 is actually a gun bar code reader 1 d. the ergonomics of this hand shower facilitates the collection on a daily basis.

Honeywell travel 9540

If there is a model of handshower laser which was sold by weight, it is the 9540 of at Honeywell. It offers an incomparable quality of reading 1 d codes.

Datalogic Gryphon L GD4330

The hand shower GD4330 offers a depth of field more than 47 cm with a speed of reading over 100 scans/s.

This barcode reader  Datalogic guarantees excellent performance.

Honeywell merger 3780

The bar code reader Fusion 3780 is ideal between portable shower and scan fixed. With a speed of 1333 scans/sec reading, this hand shower is the ideal tool. 

Honeywell travel 1202g

The handshower wireless 1202G to read barcodes 1 d at a distance up to 10 m. This barcode reader brand HONEYWELL works with Bluetooth technology. 

Honeywell travel 1202g - bf

This handshower wireless 1202G - BF of trademark Honeywell has the advantage of not work with a battery unlike its little sister, the 1202 G. 

Honeywell 1280i

The handshower 1280i from DATALOGIC is a bar code reader industrial long distance which can read the codes up to 16.5 m away!

Datalogic PD8300

The handshower laser 1 d PD8300 of Datalogic has been specially designed to be used in difficult places. This player's bar codes integrates technology Green spot.