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Terminal touchscreen all-in-one Sango Aures 

The Sango of Aures is a terminal point of sale touch 15 inches with Windows operating system


Sango is a POS touchscreen all-in-one top of the range with screen 15 inch led. It is FANLESS therefore suitable for all environments.


This point of sale basic Windows Terminal has a projected capacitive touchscreen, what makes it better today in the universe of the new High-tech cash registers. 


Memory 2 GB (for versions 2550 and 1047) to 4 GB (for the i3 and i5 versions)

5000 GB 2.5 hard drive "for the 2550 version and 64 GB SSD for higher versions


Important: the customer display is included in 3 versions from the 1047


The Sango is available in 7 different colors to choose but careful, meanwhile display is always noi

White, blue, black, Orange, red, Cassis or gray


Card mother low consumption...   


So we have here a touchscreen terminal closer to a high range object to a simple cash register on screen. The design is very stylish, but not only, because it also allows to leave plenty of room on the counter, and, without the need of a mast or a complex fixation. This really isn't a detail for a merchant, while the lesser place in the store is important...           




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The biggest brands are represented:

Addimat, Aures, Cash bases, Citizen, Elo, Datalogic, DigiPOS, Eaton, EBPElotouch, Epson, Evolis, Glancetron, Honeywell, Identive NFC, Ingenico, LRS, Metapace, Motorola, Poindus, VariPOS, Poslab, PrehKeyTec, ProMag, Rongta, TVS, Zebra


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