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Cash register touch Pack

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Here you will find 2 types of cash register touch Pack :


1 / cash register touch pack with hardware only

2 / pack touchscreen cash register  with the hardware and the software


The Hardware Pack will generally understand a terminal point of sale touch (also known as cash register touch or POS all-in-one touchscreen), a receipt printer and a cash drawer. On these sets of equipment, you can of course add any software running under Windows: EBP, Kwizatz, shop Front, Leo... as well as other devices such as an inverter, a customer display, a balance, a Dallas type identification system, a bar code, a printer drive kitchen...


The choice of material is important because the daily of your cash register touchscreen use will determine your work day: more your cash register will be quick and powerful, more your cashout will be fluid, less customers will wait at the checkout and you'll save time. That's why we offer a wide range of cash register, the smallest budget in the most demanding traders. Different types of touchscreens, different processors, different capacities memory, you sure to find your happiness if you're looking for a high performance computer cash register.


The hardware + software Pack will understand the same thing (cash register touchscreen + printer box + tray) with in more cash and management software.

We offer software Windows powered brand EBP with software for retail, software for hairdressing and aesthetic, software for bar and restaurant, software for point of sale mode or the software suite Front Shop with software for software for DIY stores, convenience stores, software for tourist office, software for Garden Center / deco / memories , software for liquor store / grocery store, software for shoe shops, and software to store ready-to-wear. These Fund software meets the new tax standards imposed by the State from January 1, 2018. Here again, the choice of the software is important: this is why we have selected for you 2 software box perfectly adapted to your activity.


And also in our packs, we offer a software running under Android, WaaSoft, software ultra intuitive software and at a very competitive rate. This software has the particularity to be able to settle on a Tablet touchscreen Android or a POS touchscreen Android. It has over 200 features all very easy to handle. Ideal for the management of a snack, to a food truck, a restaurant, a bar, a bakery, a florist... It is a multi-trade software! In a few minutes you are able to independently create your products and you're ready to take your customers. The best is to try out it by going on the product sheet Waasoft softwareyou have 15 day free trial. 


By choosing these cash register touch packs, you are assured of a better price for your cash register touch by taking the elements separately.

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