Seller identification system

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Drive dallas, RFID reader: correctly identify your servers or your sellers through our solutions.

In relation to the readers dallas (or addimat), each user of the Fund has a magnetic key specifically parameterized according to its rights and its function. When it will place it on the drive, it will detect the ID of the person and send a code to the software that will open up the rights for the user in question: open only tables whose deals, submit notes that he began to... It will not have access to tables or notes of another user.

Manager, will have a key to have more rights and functions in the software.

The RFID readers allow for them to remotely detect the presence of a carrier of badge opening infinite possibilities for their use. This identification system allows for example to manage customer loyalty: to each customer, the store gives a badge and when it comes to the caisse, the cashier immediately knows the name of the client because its file will open without requiring the client to clarify anything.

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