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In this category, you will find a wide range of cash register: also good cash register touchscreen all-in-one, Windows or Android, that PCs specifically designed to receive Fund software and run continuously in the universe of outlets with not necessarily touch screens as needed. 

-With regard to the cash register all in one, it allows the merchant to save space on the work plan and time to install the hardware: more cables to go, everything is concentrated in this type of cash register touch.

Why are we touch unions under windows and other Android? Because some users prefer to have a software hosted on a cloud (this type of software works usually Android as our Waasoft software) and others prefer a tactile terminal running Windows for more choice in the software, on windows, the number of proposed programs is more important. We offer 2 on our site: the EBP software and fund Frontshop software.

In this category you will find the best brands of Fund touchscreen all-in-one: AURÈS, Oxhoo, Elotouch...

-Regarding the modular PC, it has the advantage to be able to fit in anywhere. You can choose a small box very compact and very powerful with a large touchscreen (up to 22 "), something you can't do with a touchscreen terminal one on which screen size is often limited to 17"

The modular PC of course offers all output ports needed to connect the devices you use on a daily basis: display case, drive dallas, ticket, cash drawer printer...

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